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Our products

ميجا بلاست

Shopping bags

The plastic industries in the Mega Plast Factory are divided into several sections, the most prominent of which are packaging materials, which are:

In shopping bags, shipping bags, packaging materials for restaurants, plastic rolls and shopping bags

Online plastic of all kinds. The field of shopping. We manufacture all kinds of bags and shopping bags of all kinds

(Nylon - OCC - Cellophane) We always strive to meet customers' needs

 أكياس التسوق

Foam and foil containers

Mega Plast provides its customers with high quality products as usual, such as packaging materials, foam and aluminum containers that are characterized by high quality raw materials, as we always strive to provide superior quality at the lowest price to our customers.

أطباق الفوم والفويل
ورق الاسترتش والفويل

Stretch film and foil

Among the products of Mega Plast are all types of stretch paper and food preservation materials at competitive prices. Mega Plast for packaging materials is ready to meet your needs with any quantity at any time with FREE Standard Delivery.

Papers and tissues

Mega Plast Company for Packaging Materials provides our customers with all the papers necessary for packaging, such as pastry paper, bakery paper, gift paper, crepe paper, restaurant rolls, toilet rolls, and all kinds of tissues such as kitchen tissues, personal use tissues, and wet wipes.