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Mega Plast

for Packing & Packaging Materials

experience More Than



Our goal

We aim to provide the best solutions in the field of packaging and manufacturing plastic bags of different types and shapes to satisfy customers and create an appropriate work environment.

Our vision

To be pioneers in the manufacture of plastic bags in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa,we strive to achieve excellence, innovation and production of the best types at competitive prices in order to obtain the largest market share due to our distinguished quality, price and after-sales service.


Mega Plast

for Packing & Packaging Materials

An Egyptian company established in 2010

The company has more than 13 years of experience in the field of manufacturing plastic bags and all kinds of packaging materials, taking into consideration the highest Egyptian quality standards.


Mega Plast has developed over the past years to provide current technological standards to be the best in the Egyptian and international markets.


We have supervisors to follow up the production we also work with more than one government agency, major clothing companies and chains of stores.

We are committed to provide our customer with high quality services to ensure their continuity in order to achieve the maximum possible returns that our customers are looking for, as well as the success of their businesses and projects.


Mega Plast is characterized by advanced technology, high quality, variety of products and their alternatives, and competitive prices.


The company seeks to optimize the quality and efficiency of all aspects of a company's operations in order to achieve the aspirations of its customers in services, to satisfy its shareholders, and to strengthen and develop its society.

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